Open Since 1947
959 Broad Street Wadsworth, OH 44281    (330) 334-1809
Customer Comments:
  • I love blue sky drive in! Everyone who works there is very friendly and I have never had a bad experience here!
  • Wonderful drive-in. Thank you so much for operating the wonderful "Blue Sky" drive-in. Our family is from Vermilion and we traveled an hour and a half to get to your establishment. It was worth every moment of the drive! I grew up hopping in the back of my parents' truck and going to the drive-in back in PA. Being at the "Blue Sky" last night brought back so much of the nostalgia of that time. The working speakers, the old-fashioned playground, and the authentic appearance of the entrance of your place were all major contributors to my enjoyment. It was a joy to be able to show my children what a real playground (complete with wooden swings) was like when I was a child. Now that I know about "Blue Sky," I will be coming back as often as the appropriateness of the movies for my family allows and I will be telling my friends as well. Thanks again for continuing to operate such an amazing place and making it affordable for families as well!
  • I've been living in Texas for past 12 years, and they have no drive
    in theaters. That sucks because I grew up in Wadsworth, and my fondest
    memories are watching movies not only in my teen years, but as a child with my parents. Keep the drive in alive, and if I make it back to Wadsworth, you bet the Blue Sky is on top of lists of places to be.

  • LOVE BLUE SKY!!! I have such fond memories of going to the drive-in as a child. I wanted my boys to have some, too, so I googled last Memorial Day...and I found Blue Sky. We had a blast and I was so impressed with the cleanliness! Looking forward to creating many more wonderful memories!!! THANK YOU.
  • Thank you for the great quality! Just wanted to add in words of encouragement about the great service you provide to our community, it really takes me back to my childhood years. Please keep up the wonderful spirit and thanks for choosing to show so many fun movies at such reasonable prices, preserving something good for our kids!
  • The cold days are over. You make the summers. Thank You
  • Walk in's 1950's - 1961. I lived in the Malone's Trailer Court in the 1950's - 1961, we had a single mother. We could not afford a car, or phone. We would walk over the Blue Sky Drive-In (with the twinkling stars) to see movies, for our summer entertainment.
  • Your theatre. I want to thank you for keeping the drive in movie operating. I
    always loved them growing up (I'm 50!) and am always saddened to hear of one closing. We have brought our children (ages 6 &9) and their friends to your theatre for the past two summers. Thanks much and looking forward to seeing you in the spring.
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